Baby Hannah's 2nd B'day GA

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This little wish I'm sending,
With lots of love to you,
So Happy Birthday little girl,
For today you're Two !

Dear Baby Hannah,
Happy 2nd Birthday ! 
I wish you the best of luck and 
I believe that you will make your family proud of you.
Obey your parents & love them always,
they have been taking GOOD CARE
of you since you were born, little child. 
I believe that you will grow up becoming a successful person in the future 
and keep in mind that God is ALWAYS with you in any conditions. 
God Bless You & Your Family Always :)
Lastly, I hope you'll have a blast of time with
your family & friends on your birthday !

a card for Hannah ~~>

I got a simple birthday song for Hannah too! ~~>

let us wish Hannah a 'Happy Birthday', friends ! =>

that's all. THANK YOU ! :)

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  1. Hye there!! Thanks a lot for joining & wishing all those lovely wishes for Baby Hannah. Juz wanna confirm with u about something. U gave me 2 links, this entry & another one ( Is that yours too?


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