First GiveAway at My Life On Pixel

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This Giveaway is specially held by the 
wonderful owner of My Life On Pixel 
for bloggers, followers, readers and also hatters… ;)

Hopefully I'll win this GiveAway because I'm seriously attracted by those 
Frames and also the Love Candle :D 

Hey, there is this wonderful Giveaway,
It's specially held by the wonderful Naza,
Since this wonderful blogger is giving them away,
Can you give those frames and candle to me, Naza ?
the frames and candle are shown below
I hope that I'll be considered as the winner because 
I think I'm doing something different here .. 
As we all can see, I'm doing this entry in English. I bet no one else is using English :p 
... Plus, I'm trying to make this entry interesting by doing poems :)

Ohya, I followed the blog .. Here's proof ~>

OhMy, I hope I get them,
Please give them to me,
I think I fell in love with them,
And that them is those frames and candle ;)

I'm tagging ~> Yvonne | Yasuke | Sherlyna | others

So .. that's all from me .. THANKS ! :)

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