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Okay, I'll be doing this entry in English to make it diifferent from the other participants :)

Hey ! Tonight I'll be joining LolliCraft :: I Heart Handmade Giveaway

the gifts are so AWESOME :) 
SEEE ! even a boy like me likes it ! :) hehehe

- a glittery white scrap frame-
-patched heart car-charm-
-a flowery handmade notebook-

nice, right ? :D

I'll give the awesome handmade craft to my beloved sister and yeah, 
I'll surely tell her about the gifts .. about where I got it, who gave it :) 
I'm pretty sure that she'll love it :) 
So, I'm really hoping to win these awesome prizes ;)

There is a very big bright smile,
On a boy's face as far as one mile,
He's hoping to win those gifts which are awesome,
And that boy's name is Joel Leslie Anyie ;)

join before 
22 APRIL 2011,11.59 pm

that's all ;D

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