Okay, tonight I'll join GIVEAWAY!!! by Captivated Illusion

HELLO EARTHLINGS ! *showing peace sign*

Okay, it damn true that this type of giveaway is my favourite among all favourites :D
Why ? 
because the dear pengajur didn't force the participants to do that, do this. 
Easyyy ! Weee ~
Thanks pengajur ! ;))

now, I'm promoting it thru blogspot. 
Later I'll spread it thru FB, okay ? 

Hurmm, opinions .. ideas .. 
wooookey, helping is good :D
Add some more bling bling on your crafts. Would be awesome :D

like this one ~>
 add some small diamonds on the petals. Maybe ?
Next, make more different crafts ! :) 
Fabric fridge magnets, keychains, 
fabric cards (exist tak?) .. maybe some lovely pencilcases :D

Is my opinions okay ? hopefully .. ;D

ok, have a nice day ! thankss !

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