Contest SHAWL | Shawl Cantik Untuk di Menangi!!

H E L L L O ;)

sekarang, saya nak join

Contest SHAWL | Shawl Cantik Untuk di Menangi!!

Jikalau kawan-kawan nak try nasib untuk mendapat Shawl 
yang cantik lagi menawan, sila tekan banner to check it out ;)

kenapa nak shawl ? hurmmm ..

Reason why saya nak dapatkan shawl ini is because I would  to give one of those lovely shawl to my wonderful sister who I adore ;) She sacrificed a lot already. Another reason why I would  to win one of the shawl is because *if possible* I want it to be one of the prize for my Giveaway so that it receives more participants ! If possible. Click HERE to view my Giveaway. Rasa malu pula. Hadiah dia tak sebarapa :/ That's why I want to win the shawl so that lebih bnyk yg mahu join GA sy tu ;) *Or maybe Little Ros nak jadi sponsor :3 hehehe. So, it is between giving it to my sister or turning it into a prize for my GA. hehehe.
 Tarikh tamat 13hb July 2011!!!

thank youuu !

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