Qistina First Giveaway

Hey everyone ; ) 
     Okay, would love to join this wonderful Giveaway. Won't wanna miss the chance to win top up. I pity my phone so much D: It needs top up SO MUCH. Sometimes, I can't buy top up because I have MANY stuffs to pay such as school needs, attires, so on and so forth. So, yeahhh, no money to buy top up for my beloved phone :'(

Anyways, thanks Nisa' for tagging me :)

Wahhh, tak sedar pula dari tadi speaking. HAHAHA ! 

Sekarang, saya nak join Qistina First Giveaway yang dianjurkan oleh Qistina ;)

Qistina First Giveaway (KLIK BANNER)

sudahhh follow & like ;)

okay, korang nak top up? jom la join !
> Michelle | Annis | Sherlyna | Syu90 | Fieda <

Hopefully bertuah di GA ini. Seriously nak menang top up ! ( :
Pertama : RM 50 top up
Kedua : RM 50 top up
Ketiga : RM 30 top up
Keempat : RM 30 top up
Kelima : RM 30 top up
Keenam : RM 20 top up
Ketujuh : RM 20 top up
Kelapan : RM 20 top up
 Tarikh tamat : 20/8/2011 (Tarikh x akan diubah)


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