House of Cotton Giveaway

Hey there everyone ! Welcome to The Smiley Guide!

Okay, I'm about to join another exciting giveaway! You should join too ;D Who knows YOU, yes YOU, can win RM50 cash voucher ! Veryyyyy tempting isn't it ? So, join! Quick! ;) 

Okay, this giveaway is called  
House of Cotton Giveaway 
by houseofcotton2011.blogspot :) 


 Following and liking ? Okie dokie :D

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The blog is very simple, tidy and it doesn't take time to load. Since it is a blogshop, the blog should be eye-catching and colourful. This is to make sure people are feeling excited to shop there. The tagline Your Cotton World, Wear With Comfort....) is very easy to understand and it's AWESOME. Smileys 
some helpful thoughts ->
  • get a new background or template for the blog.
  • make or actually 'buy' a blog header. A simple one like mine will do. I did it using :)
  • Enlarge the font a little. Maybe some if the buyers have bad eyesight. hihihihiii.


There are so many choices at houseofcotton2011.blogspot :) 

Wowww, that's a lot !
To everyone out there, let's shop at 

...... wait for a minute. My sister is telling me something.
............keep waiting, okay ? ..................

I'm back ! :D

You know that she told me ?

She says it's so beautiful and she can even imagine the 

fabric is 'transform' into a baju kurung.
She loves baju kurung since she wear it almost everyday to work :)

She's very interested to this one -->

Sister : WOWWWW, so niceeeeeeeeee bahh. Get one for me la, kk?
Me : Alaaa, I'm not working la. I try to win the RM50 voucher la k ?
If I win, you can buy the kain with the vocher and another RM20 since it's for RM70.
If the blog owner want to give the kain without charging you RM20 extra kann best :D
Sister : Ermmm, janji to win oo!
Me : If the owner of the blog let me win, boleh la. Memang I join for you :)
Sister : Okay, hope you can win ! Plssss :D

So, hopefully choose me as the 
winner and my sister will be like 



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