# hello everyone ! 

Okay, now I'm about to join another wonderful Giveaway. 
This one is specially held by Mr Eqbalzack
Let's all join and enliven this Giveaway ! :)

Yeahh, I'm actually taking a risk of making this entry in English because it's quite hard for me to make poems and stuffs like that in English. Biasanya buat pantun BM jer. English jarang. But as what my teachers said, the more creative, brave and hardworking we are, the better results we'll get :)

My friend, please don't go away,
If you're going, gonna miss you Yaya,
Let's all join this exciting Giveaway,
And win ourselves some duit raya !

Woww, that is a very beautiful flower,
My beloved sister will love it so much,
I am one of Mr Eqbalzack's blog's follower,
And I adore and like his blog so much !


My friend is joining a group called The Legion,
It consist of peoples from every parts of Malaysia,
Although we are from different races and religion,
But we are forever going to be 1 Malaysia !

Now, for the ucapan ..

Ramadan, a noble month of fasting before the big celebration, 
Ramadan, a period of time observed by Muslim from all nations, 
It's time to reflect on actions and deeds throughout the year
It is a time to ask for forgiveness as the festive season is near
Ramadan, an annual tradition of the Hari Raya Puasa festival
Bringing people closer together in cities all over the world.

With this, I, Mr. Joel Leslie Anyie, 14, the proud owner of this blog, would LOVE to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to Mr. Eqbal Zack and also all Facebook friends, school friends, not forgetting all those silent readers of this blog. I'm offering 10 of my fingers to ask for forgiveness if any one of you found some words in my blog and not forgetting, this blog, are harsh and offensive. I am very sorry. Please forgive me. To everyone that are going to their hometown, please DRIVE SAFELY as it is common thing that there are A LOT of vehicles during these types of celebration. May this festive season gives millions of sweetness and joy to every Muslims, especially Mr. Eqbal Zack and his loved ones :)

While enjoying wonderful delicacies on offer,
May joy spread between brother & sister,

Let us all keep in our mind and remember,

Joys are doubled when shared together !

May your home be graced with
warmth and happiness during Hari Raya ! :)


  1. hi joel...
    thanks join GA abg eq...menarik! dan buat abg eq tersenyum...hehe
    abg eq dah linkkan kaat blog..nnt bila free boleh singgah ok...

  2. nice pantun what! i like it! good luck!

  3. abg eq : thanks ! and sure, I'll visit your blog anytime ! :)

    gadizgula : woww.. really ? thanks !

    happy ramadhan !

  4. first time baca pantun dalam bahasa inggeris...

    gud luck yer... =))

  5. saya pun jarang buat pantun BI. so, hopefully sebab keberanian sy ni, dpt la mng. hihihi :D *hrp2 abg eq x bc :P ekeke..


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