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Hey there everyone ! Welcome to The Smiley Guide!

 Hey! it's time for me to join this magnificient giveaway from

I have been joining awesome giveaways from online shops before but I never won any prizes before. Although I've never won giveaways by online shops before, but believe me, it was worth it :) I had so much fun looking at the enjoyment that the winners had. Yes, it's true that I was very sad for not winning  because I seriously want to give the prize to my beloved sister.  She was also hoping that I'll win .. But unfortunately, I didn't. 
Now, I REALLY REALLY hope I can win this time as a vintage handbag will be THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR HER! :)
Here's some poems I made specially for the owner of Aisha Online Store

Hey wonderful owner of Aisha Online Store,
I'm here to say I seriously salute you all the way,
For all the amazing effort you have shown,
All the way through your incredible Giveaway.
Yes it's true, you have an incredible blog,
With the special name of Aisha Online Store,
Hopefully your business will continue long,
And I want wish you the best in your life.

Although I never won any online shop giveaways,
And I'm hoping to actually win this very magnificent one,
I'll continue supporting this awesome business of yours,
One last thing, take good care of Aisha Online Store
*although some doesn't rhymes corectly, I tried my best, right?*
hopefully the wonderful owner likes this entry. I had tried my very best :)

to everyone out there, 
make sure you'll join this giveaway! :)

lastly, again, I want to wish :

Thank you! 

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