1st GiveAway Little Dream's Life

tekan banner kalau nak join ;)


Your anniversary is a right time
For you two to share the awesome love nation
It's obvious that the two of you
Have quite a deep loving connection!

I, Joel Leslie send a congratulations
And heartfelt wishes too,
For joyful, happiness and love
In everything both of you do 

May both of you forever be one 
strong family who are blessed by God Almighty :)

It takes two special wonderful people,
To make a wonderful strong loving pair.
There's a joy just being around both of you,
A feeling both of you love to share.

  I send an anniversary wish to you two,
For years of joy and pleasure both of you together.
May each and every year keeps getting better,

With those awesome memories to treasure ♥

Even the giveaway banner shows how huge
is your love towards your husband, Mrs. Yanie :)
I believe in any condition whatsoever, 
you two will be one strong husband and wife. 

Saya doakan kalian semoga terus bahagia,
Menjadi ibu dan bapa yang sangat berjaya,
Mendidik anak ke arah yang terbaik untuk masa depan mereka,
Dimurahkan rezeki dan gembira sehingga hujung nyawa ♥
Happy Anniversary ! ♥

saya tag 

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