Winter Blossoms' 1st Giveaway!

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Here are the items that are included in the giveaway.
Daiso eyeliner coat [review from chaborkia]
Daiso solid fragrance in Cute Fairy (Strawberry scent)
Daiso hair fragrance in Pure Soap [review from wileen]

Kylrie placenta sheet mask (made in Japan)
Snowflake earrings
Fluffy white hair tie

Ettusais Vacance Mini nail colours in Gold Glitter and Orange Sparkle
Bloop eyeliner pencil in Brown
Elianto crystal lip colour in Plum Purple and 3D eyeshadow cube in Emerald Green
Etude House nail polish in Matte Yellow
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in #3 Peach
In2It liquid eyeliner in Hot Pink

However, for my Malaysian readers, I have a special surprise for you, which is this:

JUMBO Paul Frank Lip Smacker (Julius' Strawberry Banana flavour)
The JUMBO Paul Frank Lip Smacker is not available in Malaysia (at the moment), so I figured it would be a good way to thank my local readers for their support. Plus, it's my absolute favourite flavour from the Paul Frank range, so I just had to share it. :)

The giveaway ends on 6th January 2012.

I would loveee to join this giveaway from Laura. I'm joining because I really hope to win it for my sister! She'll loveeeee it and me as her brother, also want to do win it for her :) Hopefully I win! It will mean the world to my sister and I'll be happy too! Please let me win. Hehehe :)

The giveaway ends on 6th January 2012.

Thank you! Cheers!

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