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It's a great oppurtunity, it really sure is!

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Okay, to start it off. Let's hear Rihanna singing 'What's my name'
Hehehehe. Just for entertainment :)

Okay now. We start with the MAIN POINT.

The name given by my parents to me is :

I'm totally grateful for the name given to me as my name has a great meaning.

In Christian, JOEL means God’s Willingness.
Oh, how proud I am to be named Joel. 
May God bless me abundantly always ^___^

For me, Joel means a person who's always trying something new, someone who's actually sociable but always being shy, and someone who just love smiling and laughing like the world belongs to him. YES THIS IS A FACT. Hehehe.

Okay, based on mutiarakasihjb, Joel means #in bm :

Ramah dan murah senyuman. Mereka juga pandai menyesuaikan diri dalam
pergaulan. Mudah merasa ragu dalam membuat keputusan dan tidak tegas.

Serba boleh. Suka memendam perasaan dan permasalahan serta sukar
mempercayai orang lain. Akibatnya ramai yang menganggapnya sombong dan suka
memilih teman.

Pandai dan penuh pertimbangan dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab. Sikapnya
periang bila hatinya senang, tetapi suka berdiam diri apabila hatinya
gundah dan boleh membuatkan hati orang lain terluka.

Ramah dan pandai bergaul dan mempunyai ramai kawan. Tidak suka bergosip
dan mencampuri urusan orang lain. Amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja.
Kelemahannya, tidak menepati masa.
Hehehe. I think that's true. Okay, SOME of them. hehehe. 

Actually everyone's name is BEAUTIFUL and HAS GREAT MEANINGS. So be proud of the name given by your parents as they put huge effort to give you a precious name. Life is short so appreciate every single bits of it :')

My name is Joel Leslie Anyie,
I adore it and I appreciate it,
Thank you dad, thank you mom,
For the meaningful name given :')
come and tell what your name means Celine and Yvonne! ;)
Contest period: 3rd February - 9th February 2012(before 11.59 p.m)

1 comment:

  1. Hye Joel~!!

    Wow.. ur name is meaningful.. ^_^ yup3, everyone should be proud of their names.. >_< nice entry!!!!

    Thanks for joining & gud luck~!!!


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